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Graeme Foster 4-04-2012



Home Improvement basic guidelines are important to consider if you want to see your home projects completed on time and on budget.

 Some people are content only ever making minor changes, while others totally re-design their homes.

 Regardless of the size of the projects, these are some important points to think about as you plan the transformation of your home, gardens or any household project :-


  •  First - Think about what area in your home you would like to change first.



  • Be Specific - As you are writing down areas in your home that you want to improve, under each area, put down specifics on what you would like to change.

    • Go from room to room, and make a list of things that you want to modify.

    • Home Improvement basic guidelines need to be followed so that you develop your thoughts and plans in a methodical way.

    • This will provide a blueprint for your home improvement plan.

    • Draw a rough sketch, with colour schemes.

    • Attach possible fabrics, wall papers, etc.

    • Photo's of Furniture and fittings.

    • Prospective new Light Systems.

    • Do you need to go as far as Window Replacement.

    • Have you put together a Home Improvement workshop ?

    • Consider which tools you need and any tool maintenance required ?


  • Estimates - When you have decided on an area to tackle first, start getting estimates from contractors.

    • Get estimates from at least 3 contractors that will include their time and total cost.

    • Be sure that you are giving them the same requirements to produce an estimate for

    • Ask for an itemised estimate.


  • Contractors - Before you decide on a Home Improvement contractor, make sure that his business has the proper license to do this type of work in your state.

    • His license ensures that he will understands the permit and state building codes.

    • Do not be tempted by lower prices from unlicensed contractors.

    • The risk to your projects correct completion is not worth the small amount of money you might save.

    • It is important to ask for references.

    • Check that he has satisfied customers.

    • From these references, check comments about his reliability and work quality

    • You will need to communicate with your contractor every day during your project, so you want to make sure that he is someone whom you can easily work with.


 Home improvement projects will no doubt cause some disruption in your household during the work in progress. Consider how all of you will function during this time. Think about the areas in your home that will be inaccessible. How will you work around it. For instance, if the kitchen is being rebuilt, you will not be able to cook meals and you may have to rely on pre-prepared microwave meals.


 After all is finished, sit back and enjoy the improvements. You have planned long and made sacrifices to get to this point. You and your family should find time to enjoy the new enhancements.


 Your home improvement projects will go smoothly if you hire a contractor with a good reputation, and if your expectations are realistic in terms of the cost and time required. Plan carefully, and you will have the home of your dreams.



  • Always plan ahead
    Why should we always plan ahead? Well, Home improvement projects can easily develop into huge headaches for the unprepared home-owner. There are some easy steps you can contemplate during the first stages of any such project to minimize the difficulties it could cause you. Implementation of these steps should ensure a trouble free home project.
  • Closet Organisation
    Closet organizing can be something many of us intend to do, but never find the time to accomplish. So it begins with making a quality decision to complete this by a set date, and blocking out the time to do it. This article has several tips on how to successfully accomplish this goal.
  • Deck Building Tips
    The deck building tips below can help you to create a building plan that will minimise the amount of frustration you experience during the project. The addition of decking to your home does take time, energy and the investment of quite a bit of money. You don't have to be a professional to complete this task, but you do need to always plan ahead for it.
  • Energy Savings
    One of the greatest home improvements available today has to do with increasing energy efficiency. For a fairly small investment of time and money, the majority of homeowners can implement Energy Saving Tips and save on energy costs and add thousands to their homes resale value.
  • Environmental Savings
    Environmental Home Improvement is the "in thing" in our present age. If you desire a greener lifestyle, there are a number of improvements that can be made to your home. By making use of these tips, you can diminish the negative impact your lifestyle has on your locality. Your house is the best place to start.
  • Freshen up your home
    Home improvement isn't limited to huge renovation projects. You can make use of a few simple steps to make your dwelling look new and rejuvinated. The tips below will not only increase the value of your home, but enable you to stamp your personality on it. Implement the steps described in this article and you are sure to feel the joy of having a rejuvinated home.
  • Get some help
    Why do you need to get some help? Well nearly every home owner has a project that has been on the back-burner for a while. This could be due to the project being too large to take on alone, or because they just do not have the funds to hire someone else to do the work for them, or they just do not know how to complete the project properly.
  • Going Green
    Going green is a hot topic these days. It is all about making great choices that will help our environment rather than harm it. If you really do want to go green and be kind to our planet, there are many changes that you can make. Some of these changes involve major investment, while other changes can be free or cost very little. We have listed a few going green tips that will help.
  • Home Improvement Contractors
    Though you may be tempted to choose the first home improvement contractor that seems competent or likeable, your home improvement project will have a much better chance for success if you take the time to do your research first. There are several things to take into consideration before hiring someone who will be spending a good deal of time inside your home.
  • Home Improvement for older properties
    It is due to the charm of older homes, that one of the largest areas of Home Improvements is for Older Homes. Many of these homes exude personality that is sadly missing in newer homes. If your home is over 15 years old, you will more than likely want to do some renovations. Knowing where to start and which projects to focus on, can be challenging. Check out some of the tips on how to begin in an organized planned way.
  • Home Improvement Savings Tips
    Home Improvement Money Saving Tips include doing your research first, recycling where possible, making small regular improvements and reappraising whether you are making the right decisions,which will save you significant time and money. Many people are over-whelmed to begin home improvements because of the expectation of the large amounts of money that can be associated with it; but, you can make savings by dealing with small problems before they become major problems.
  • Home Improvement Skill Development
    Home renovations many times need home improvement skill development that takes time and effort to learn. Some home improvement projects really need a professional tradesman, such as electrical changes, but other simpler projects can be accomplished by an enthusiastic house holder. This article is put together for those who are interested in learning and are looking for some advice to help them to get started.
  • Home Improvement tips to save you money
    Simply considering home improvement can be stressful, especially when you are ready to sell your property or you want to have it revalued for financial reasons. The intention of increasing the value of your home involves improving what needs to be improved, while spending the minimum amount of money. Firstly it is important to develop a plan and a budget that will increase the value of your house.
  • Home Improvement Workshop
    If your hobby is saving money through home improvement projects , having a Home Improvement workshop can really make a difference. It does not need to take up a lot of space, but there are some basic elements that all workshops should have. Here are some tips for setting up your very own Home Improvement workshop.
  • Home preparations for winter
    I have always loved the autumn months, here in the U K . There are many years when we have what is called an " Indian Summer" which is a late summer. This means we can have sunny days without the oppresive heat of real summer. Add to this the wonderful colours created when the leaves on the trees begin to turn, means blue skies and golden leaves and the appearance of a nip in the air and a distinctive smell of burning leaves and twigs. These are all clues that winter is just around the corner. Don't ignore natures promptings. Be proactive, make those preperations before the first snow of the winter.
  • Leaking Roof
    Replacing a leaking roof,can be extremely expensive, and so it is wise to maintain rooves to extend their life. There are a number of reasons that can cause a roof to spring a leak, especially if there has been faulty instalation. If caught early though, most roof problems can be dealt with by routine maintenance.
  • Light Systems
    Our sensitivity toward the lighting of spaces is deeply ingrained in us. This is why Light Systems are so important to us. It can emotionally affect us (make us feel happier, more romantic, etc.), our productivity and our ability to sleep/wake up effectively. With a few changes in your home light systems you could reveal a better, brighter you!
  • Low Water Pressure
    On moving into an older home finding that you have low water pressure can be quite a shock. There could be a number of reasons for this and so the first thing to do is to investigate the cause. This low water pressure could be caused by internal issues within your house, or by external issues within your locality.
  • Quick Energy Saving
    Increasing summer temperatures and rising energy costs are causing homeowners to think about ways to save on keeping their home cool. Power cuts taking place on a more regular basis are causing them to seek ways to keep cool whilst using less electricity. This means it is time to consider home improvements once again. We have listed a few ways to maintain cooler homes this summer, how to save on these costs, and also help reduce greenhouse emissions as well.
  • Tool Maintenance
    Home improvement is a great hobby but to be effective you will need to gather an array of work tools. These home improvement tools can be expensive to collect; it is in your own financial interest to protect your investment by good tool maintenance. When spring arrives it is a good time to think about any maintenace or repairs needed for the tools needed for the outdoor seasons. The following list of tool maintenance tips can help to extend the life of the tools you buy and ensure there reliability.
  • Water Pipe Protection
    Water Pipe Protection is vital, whether you have copper, PVP, or some other type of pipe in your home. If you do not take care in your protection, it won't be long before you have to deal with the reults. The pipework of our houses tend to be neglected because most of them are out of sight, and we only become aware of them when something goes wrong. However, for a fairly small outlay, all pipes can be protected and much higher repair bills prevented.
  • Window Replacement
    Most of the time it is relatively easy to know if your home needs new windows. While window replacement can be costly,old windows can cause high energy usage. It would be well worth while checking your windows for any of these indications.It could be that you would recognise the need for replacement after making these checks.
  • Unblocking Sinks
    When faced with unblocking sinks or other waste pipes in your building your first thought could be to employ a professional tradesman. But before you do it could be well worth attempting to clear the problem yourself. As your sinks are used on a regular basis throughout the day it is important to unclog the pipes quickly. It could well be that dealing with this problem yourself will be much quicker than seeking a tradesman and waiting for him to arrive.

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