Low Water Pressure

 On moving into an older home finding that you have low water pressure can be quite a shock. There could be a number of reasons for this and so the first thing to do is to investigate the cause. 

 This low water pressure could be caused by internal issues within your house, or by external issues within your locality.


Internal issues.

Is the water pressure consistently low from each tap, or is the problem only with one particular tap or appliance.

Water Valves -

If the water pressure is consistently low, the first place to check is the water stop cock / valve. Ensure that the valve is fully open allowing full water pressure. Test the taps for pressure to see if this has solved the problem.

In a similar way, check all water valves to appliances to ensure that they have not been accidently turned down.

Water Leaks -

There could be a water leak some where on the system, so check for signs of damp in all areas where water pipes exist.If there is no apparent leak another method is to turn off all water use in the house and take a reading from your water meter.

Check again an hour or so later to see if there is any difference. If so, you know there is a leak and it would be advisable to contact a plumber to find and fix the leak.

Hard Water Scale

Shower heads are notorious for scaling up in hard water areas, so check the head to see if it is free flowing. This can often be rectified by the use of a strong cleaning fluid which will disolve the scale.

On occasions low water pressure is caused by debris in the water. This debris can come from scale build up within the water pipe system throughout the house.

In hard water areas water pipes begin to furr up causing the internal diameter of the pipe to be significantly narrowed. The only answer to this used to be the replacement of all effected pipes. But thankfully there is another answer, today.

Electronic scale treatment.

This is a small electronic product that connects to the water pipes.

The benefits of this product are :-

  • Removal of scale and stains in showers, baths and basins.
  • Increased water pressure.
  • Softer smoother skin from softer water.
  • Better tasting water with less smell
  • Can help to diminish eczema and psoriasis skin problems.
  • Silkier hair
  • Scum free baths
  • Cleaner clothes
  • Scale free kettles.

 This electronic system does take some time to unclog the pipes, but you should notice a gradual increase in pressure as well as all the other benefits.


Externally -

It could be that your whole area suffers from low water pressure.

Water Pressure Testing

You will need a water pressure test gauge from a home improvement center to test your local pressure.. This is accomplished by,turning off the water around your house and garden. Connect the guage to an external tap

  • It should be about 60 pounds per square inch (PSI).
  • Below 50 PSI is too low.
  • Over 80 PSI is too high.
Booster Pump

One method of overcoming this is to use a booster pump, which is a small electric pump that will increase the pressure when needed. If it is mainly low pressure in your shower, then a power shower could be the answer.

In a similar way, it could be just a single appliance that needs higher pressure and so a booster pump would solve this problem for that appliance.

Water Supply Company

Contact your water company and ask them why your water pressure is so low and what they can do about it.

Larger Storage Tanks

Some years ago, I came across an area where a new caravan park had caused Low Water Pressure in a number of houses that I cleaned. After 6am, during the summer months, the water pressure dwindled down to a trickle.

These householders overcame this problem by having much larger cold water tanks being fitted in their loft. These tanks re-filled overnight and provided them with sufficient water during the day.

Task Scheduling

It could be that you are putting too much demand on your water supply.

The answer could be to arrange a schedule of appliance use, so that some of these tasks take place when you are not in or later at night when there will not be much other activity. 


Hopefully these few tips will help you sort out any low water pressure problems you have.


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