Light Systems


 Our sensitivity toward the lighting of spaces is deeply ingrained in us. This is why Light Systems are so important to us.

 It can emotionally affect us (make us feel happier, more romantic, etc.), our productivity and our ability to sleep/wake up effectively. With a few changes in your home light systems you could reveal a better, brighter you!


Dimmer Switches - Though dimmer switches may seem a bit "techy" for some, they are the key to transforming the lighting in your home. The precision control of the atmosphere of your home comes with sensitive use of the dimmer switches in your Light Systems.

  • As an example,to create a romantic atmosphere you can tease the lights down so you can see your partner but release a "soft" feel in the room at the same time.
  • You can also gradually dim the lights as you draw closer to bedtime and brighten the lights as you start to wake up.
  • In general the Light systems will need to be brighter in the dull winter months and much less intense in the brighter spring and summer months.
  • Just having the flexibility to be able to dim your lights to the level you want is sufficient a reason to fit them.

Dimmer switches are fairly inexpensive and can fit seemlessly with your current light systems easily.

Lamps - Where possible, position lamps so that the light exudes from a height above your waist. Human beings are used to the sun as their primary source of light, and so we prefer to have light from above rather than from below. Our eyes can be over stimulated and stressed from too much bright light reaching us from below.

  • Table lamps and side lamps are such a help for reading and any type of close work.
  • These lamps enable you to have a lower level of ambient light in the room whilst having sufficient light for particular tasks.

Bulbs - Dependant on the purpose of the rooms in your home, consider using blush-coloured light bulbs, for example, instead of the standard white ones.

  • We humans tend to respond to colours just like we do to the brightness of light on a visceral level and you can change the mood you experience in a room by introducing certain colour schemes.
  • For example, the gymnasium or games room may be improved with some yellow or orange bulbs since these are colours that often produce excitement and stimulation.
  • Whilst in the bedroom you could have a blue or lavender lighting effect since these are colours that can have a calming effect.

Additional - Sources that provide extra light into your home, such as a fireplace or windows or skylights, should be made use of by directing the light to the darker areas of your home.There are a number of methods to re-direct light from these sources that can be found at your local hardware store.

Materials - The material that your lighting fixtures are made from, also makes a difference to the feel of a room.

  • Wood makes a room seem warmer and more homely.
  • Metallic fixtures add a glamorous,clean modern feel to a room.

The material of your lighting fixtures, needs to be sensitively matched to the feel of your furniture in each room.

 As an example, you could choose a metallic fixture for a room with a red moon chair and white, multiple-piece couch but a wooden fixture for a room with a brown recliner and a 1970s-style love seat.

 If you experiment with the light systems in your home you'll find you can tailor the mood of yourself and your guests in just the right way to discover the optimal experience.



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