Home Improvement Money Saving Tips!


Graeme Foster 6-04-2012

 Home Improvement Money Saving Tips include  doing your research first, recycling where possible, making small regular improvements and reappraising whether you are making the right decisions,which will save you significant time and money.

  Many people are over-whelmed to begin home improvements because of the expectation of the large amounts of money that can be associated with it; but, you can make savings by dealing with small problems before they become major problems.


 Whether your challenges are great or small, there are numerous ways that you can save money when beginning to plan your home improvement projects.


  • Research - One of the common mistakes house holders make when embarking on a home improvement project is failing to do sufficient research into the subject.

     There is no need to drive round suppliers or even ring up, let your fingers do the walking through the plethora of supply web sites, where you can compare prices and specifications in the comfort of your own home.

     This is helpful to establish you are paying a fair price for your supplies.

     So the main research points are :-

  • Search facilities of home computers, it need not take long to source supplies and contractors and the background knowledge needed to successfully plan your projects.

  • Local Supply Merchants Catalogues and Advice leaflets are useful for understanding what you need for particular projects.

  • Building permission - Always remember, check to see if you need to obtain building permission to make alterations to your home.

  • Permits can be expensive; however, completing home improvements projects without the relevant permits will be more costly in the long run.

  • Fines - There can be large fines levied on Home Improvement projects without the relevant permits.

  • Contractors – Can you complete the project yourself, do you need to get some help or do you need the services of a Home Improvement Contractor 

 One of the best Home Improvement Money Saving Tips in the long run, is that it is cheaper and less time consuming to get it right the first time.


  • Recycle - If you are unable to find cheaper materials through shopping around for the materials that you want to purchase. Some more Home Improvement Money Saving Tips are to :-


  • Leftovers – Do you have any materials left over from previous projects that can be used in the next project?

  • Recycling centres - In most cities there are companies that do demolition and that recycle building materials. Second hand doors, baths, window frames or radiators, etc. could actually be of a better standard than modern day items and also cheaper.

  • Refurbish – Could you have your present items repaired, refurbished or updated?

  • Friends – Ask your friends, you never know what they are about to throw out or sell. You will kick yourself if you have just paid “top dollar” for an item a friend throws out a week later.




  • Regular -. With small, regular improvements and maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs in the future.


  • Repairs - Consider what you will spend if you allow the problems to get larger.

  • Investment - or think about the increase in value of your home.

  • Saleability - We can all be tempted to ignore those small problems in the bathroom and kitchens; but, when the time comes to sell your house, they can diminish your appraised value. These are the areas of the home that are the greatest selling points and so need to be in excellent condition to ensure a quick sale.


  • Reappraise - One of the most common home improvements is increasing the size of your home through adding another room by means of an extension. It is important to manage the budget for these projects as they are liable to "run away" with you, if you are not careful.

So our final batch of Home Improvement Money Saving Tips are :-


  • Rethink - Check whether an extension is the only way of dealing with this situation as there are many space saving tips that you can apply to your home that will help you determine if an extension is the right choice for you.

  • Relocate – It could be a cheaper option to move to another house in the locality.

  • Resist – It could be that you really don't need to spend this money, you are just being tempted to “keep up with the next door neighbours.” When considering home improvements, there are many choices of projects that you can attempt to create the home you desire. Remember, do your research first, recycle where possible, make small regular improvements and reappraise whether you are making the right decisions. 


The best Home Improvement Money Saving Tips are that careful thought and planning save money.


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