Freshen up your Home

Simple Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home


Home improvement isn't limited to huge renovation projects. You can make use of a few simple steps to make your dwelling look new and rejuvinated. The tips below will not only increase the value of your home, but enable you to stamp your personality on it. Implement the steps described in this article and you are sure to feel the joy of having a rejuvinated home.

Walls - Let's start with the walls as they can really set the mood for your home's interior.

  • Mold or mildew -  The discoloration and musty smell that comes with mold and mildew certainly gives rooms the appearance of being uncared for and out-dated. This can be caused by a lack of ventilation or circulation of the air within the room.
    • Determine to open the windows and leave them open for an hour or so a day.
    • If the walls are painted, then you can apply mold retarding washes to the walls to remove and retard the regrowth.
    • It might be that you will need to re-arrange the position of your furniture to allow the air to circulate more freely.
    • Adding a new coat of paint once a year can help to remove mold and mildew,especially if you make use of the new mold inhibiting paints that are now available.
  •  Colour scheme - There are so many colours available nowadays, and with advice from Paint Manufacturer Colour brochures, everyone can have a colour co-ordinated home.
    • If you are updating your home to put it on the market to sell, then making use of neutral colour schemes will help to make your home attractive to the majority of buyers.
    • Light colours give your room a clean feelingand tend to make rooms look larger and more spacious.
    • Repainting the walls is a very cost effective way of freshening up your room and can be done in a short period of time.
  • Stencils -  On my travels into eastern europe I have noticed that many house have had a stencil design applied over there painted walls.
    • These stencil designs add a great deal of interest to plain painted walls.
    • This is a much cheaper option to applying wall paper.
    • Anyone can buy stencils and after just a little practice create even intricate designs on their walls.
    • They can be used to mask un-eveness on walls.
    • Consider stenciling designs on your wall or painting a wall mural to give your room the ultimate boost of personality.
  • Wallpaper - If you have an old fashioned home and savour the look of wallpaper on your walls, make sure that you change them accordingly.

    • Wallpaper that isn't treated or removed in years can hide mold and allergens.

    • Remove your current wallpaper and install something new and exciting.

    • This not only gives you a healthier living environment, but updates your room.


Carpets - Old carpeting can make a home look worn or outdated.

  • Cleaning - Consider how many stains are in your carpet and also what condition your carpet fibres are in. It could well be that your carpet just needs a good clean.
    • Rent a carpet cleaning machine and do them yourself. If you need some carpet cleaning tips then check out the Carpet Cleaning reviews section at Springclean.com
    • Employ a proffessional carpet cleaner. If you need some tips on how to choose a Carpet Cleaner then check out our Carpet Cleaning companies section.
    • Buy a Carpet cleaning machine of your own. If you need some tips on choosing a Carpet Cleaning machine check out our Carpet Cleaning Machine Reviews section at Springclean.com 
    • Throw out your old carpet and install a new one, if it is obvious to you that your carpet is beyond redemption.
    • Cleaning schedule - If you have pets or children, you could well need to consider a cleaning schedule that involves  a full vacuum of your house every week and a vacuum of the traffic areas every other day. Then a full carpet clean every 3 months but a carpet clean of the traffic areas every month.
    • Benefit - The benefit of making use of such a rigorous cleaning schedule is that it would significantly increase the life expectancy of your carpets.
  • Replacing - The choice is whether to replace with a new carpet or with some of the new Hard Floor options.
    • Longevity - Patterned carpets are a much better choice for heavy traffic areas than plain carpets. This is because patterns can hide many stains and wear marks much better than plain carpets can.
    • Lifestyle - If you have a large family or a number of pets then you will have to clean your flooring more often than a single person will. So Hard Flooring may be a good choice for you.
    • Health - I know that there has been a lot of advice given to those with breathing problems to choose the Hard Floor option. This is odd as hard floors are unable to hold dust in the way that carpet can and therefore the slightest breeze will lift dust settled on the hard floor back into the atmosphere. So I would advise those with such health problems to consider very carefully before changing to Hard Flooring.
    • Laminate flooring is one of the most affordable options, but with use, it is also one of the most vulnerable. This type of flooring can make your home look cheap if installed incorrectly or become an eyesore with use.


Windows - This is where most of the light will enter your home, so dirty windows or blinds and the wrong choice of curtains can greatly effect your home.

  • Window cleaning will greatly increase the amount of light that will enter the home. So for a small amount of money you can certainly make a large impact on the atmosphere of your home. If you would like some tips on Window cleaning, check out the Window Cleaning tips section at Sprincleantips.com 


  • Window Blinds - There is no shame in having vinyl window blinds, but keep in mind that they should be replaced every few months.
    • Replacing - Vinyl collects dust and grime that can become caked after a while. They are cheap enough to replace and give your room a fresh feeling that you would get from a thorough spring cleaning.
    • Cleaning - There are a number of fairly cheap tools that can be used to clean most window blinds, but if you are careful you can manage with a small sponge or cloth to remove most of the grime.

Furniture - Don't throw out your old couch or chairs! You don't need to reupholster them to give them a makeover.

  • Cleaning -If you intend to clean your own carpets, then you can use the same machine to clean most types of upholstery. If you would like some tips for cleaning check out our Upholstery Cleaning tips section.
  • Covers -  Purchase slipcovers in an appropriate size and color to give them an instant facelift. Slipcovers are quite affordable and can be purchased at most home decorating stores.
  • Replacing - Our Lounge furniture for the majority of families receives the most amount of wear within the home. It is the area where most people spend most of their time and so ensuring that this furniture is clean and comfortable should be high on our priorities, and yet many times it is over-looked. So when the time comes to replace, don't be a skin flint, buy the best that you can afford.


Lights - Other than a quick dusting the only other choice is to opt for replacing your light fixtures. They are the perfect magnet for dust, bugs and allergens.

  • Replacing your light shades.
    • Purchase something that is easy to keep clean and looks pleasing to the eye.
    • Choose something that will not become out of date quickly, as most people do not change their light shades all that often.
    • There are plenty of simple light fixtures that can make your home look eye catching.

Kitchen - Choose to upgrade your kitchen sink.

  • A new stainless steel kitchen sink with new tap combinations installed can be the perfect focal point for your kitchen.
  • This is probably the most used sink in your home, so be kind and give it some attention.
  • New sinks are much easier to clean and eliminate any growing bacteria.

Following the simple tips outlined above can make you feel like your home has been renewed.

These ideas don't require a lot of knowledge and can be completed in a weekend without costing you a fortune. Add value to your home and practice cost effective home maintenance in a few simple steps.


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